VIVA Ginkgo Biloba™ – (40mg / 90 capsules) Promo[5+1]

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LiQuick Ginkgo™ - (2 fl. oz) Promo[5+1] Buy 5 bottles and get 1 bottle FREE VIVA’s Mindful Herbal Supplement Supports stimulation of peripheral circulation Enhances vasodilation to help increase blood flow and support cardiovascular, cellular membrane, ocular vessel, and bronchial function Reduces density of free radicals to help protect cells from oxidative damage

VIVA Smartee™ – (60 softgels) Promo[5+1]

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Buy 5 bottles and get 1 bottle FREE Essential Fatty Acid Brain Food Supplement Specifically formulated to support healthy brain and neurotransmitter function Optimum balance of DHA and EPA essential fatty acids support the circulation and nervous system Suitable for young children, teens and adults

Y.E.S. Pak™ – (60 packets) Promo[x4]

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Highly Effective Daily Nutritional Support Buy 4 YES-Pak™ at $250.00 and get 150 BV A powerpacked, convenient, scientifically formulated nutritional system for optimum health maintenance. Each supplement packet contains 6 tablets of 4 different VIVA products: 2 tablets - DailyGuard™ 2 tablets - CellPlex™ 1 tablet - VIVA Green Barley™ 1 tablet - ChloroGuard™