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VIVA Ginkgo Biloba™ – (40mg / 90 capsules) Promo[5+1]

LiQuick Ginkgo™ – (2 fl. oz) Promo[5+1]

Buy 5 bottles and get 1 bottle FREE

VIVA’s Mindful Herbal Supplement

  • Supports stimulation of peripheral circulation
  • Enhances vasodilation to help increase blood flow and support cardiovascular, cellular membrane, ocular vessel, and bronchial function
  • Reduces density of free radicals to help protect cells from oxidative damage

VIVA Smartee™ – (60 softgels) Promo[5+1]

Buy 5 bottles and get 1 bottle FREE

Essential Fatty Acid Brain Food Supplement

  • Specifically formulated to support healthy brain and neurotransmitter function
  • Optimum balance of DHA and EPA essential fatty acids support the circulation and nervous system
  • Suitable for young children, teens and adults

CellPlex™ – (120 tablets) Promo[6+1]

Buy 6 bottles and get 1 bottle FREE

Plant-based cell support and detoxification

  • Antioxidant, enzyme, and nutrition formula from plants, herbs and vegetable extracts
  • Energizes healthy cellular function and system response
  • Helps strengthen the liver and other body organs

Y.E.S. Pak™ – (60 packets) Promo[x4]

Highly Effective Daily Nutritional Support

Buy 4 YES-Pak™ at $250.00 and get 150 BV

A powerpacked, convenient, scientifically formulated nutritional system for optimum health maintenance. Each supplement packet contains 6 tablets of 4 different VIVA products:

  • 2 tablets – DailyGuard™
  • 2 tablets – CellPlex™
  • 1 tablet – VIVA Green Barley™
  • 1 tablet – ChloroGuard™